AI-supported fatigue therapy


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Objective of the project

FAITH is developing AI-based diagnostics and treatment of tumor-associated fatigue syndrome. Fatigue is a form of severe exhaustion that often occurs as a symptom of the underlying disease cancer itself or as a result of treatment. The severity of fatigue varies greatly from person to person and depends on the form of the day and stage of illness.

AI technologies offer the potential to recognize these individual and fluctuating patterns and enable personalized intervention. Through the interplay of wearables and smartphone applications, diagnostics and therapy can be brought together in real time. A fatigue score, which is determined on the basis of vital and behavioral data, is intended to deliver and manage personalized behavioral and movement therapy interventions in the form of texts, videos, and exercises. This enables patients to proactively deal with their symptoms and relieves treatment providers.

The project runs from 01.11.2023-31.10.2025. It is part of the research competition Zukunftbio.NRW and is funded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia with around 760,000 euros. Fimo Health GmbH is leading the project as a consortium leader.


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