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As a health insurance, disability insurance or other insurance company, do you want to close digital supply gaps and optimize health economic costs?

Whether for purely digital solutions or hybrid supply models, we look forward to meeting your needs with our existing solutions or developing new ones with you.
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Enable your insurees to become their own health managers.
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Close digital care gaps based on your insurees needs efficiently.
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Benefit from our one stop solution - may it be from our portfolio products or new product developments.
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Our solutions

Since July 2022, the Fimo Health App is available as a reimburseable product on the German healthcare market. Since the beginning, we are striving to continuously improve our product and cover a growing spectrum of diseases. Therefore, we are building extensive indication-specific contents on a modular infrastructure and pair it with the Fimo Health Concept for effective patient enablement.

The Fimo Health App

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Long Covid
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Multiple Sclerosis
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
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Hybrid care program - Fatigue
for Long Covid, ME/CFS, MS, Cancer
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Rheumatoid Arthritis
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The Fimo Health Concept

To create sustainable added value, we focus on user-centred patient empowerment. To achieve this, we impart quality-assured knowledge, which is complemented in the Fimo Health App by methods of cognitive behavioural therapy and elements of behavioural change.
This scientific concept translates into the Fimo Health Concept which forms a three-pillar foundation for the Fimo Health App:

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Gain knowledge about living with the disease, including the basics, symptoms and concomitants, emotions, coping with the disease in the social contexts, support centres and much more.
Influencing factors, symptom interactions and coping strategies are elaborated.


With a symptom diary, playful tests and questionnaires, structured documentation of the course of the disease is made possible:

  • Symptoms (occurrence, severity, frequency)
  • Behavioral data (e.g. activities, social contacts, stress, sleep)
  • Vital and environmental factors (e.g. temperature, steps, pulse, heart rate, oxygen saturation)
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Mock Up Act Fimo Health App

Interactions between symptoms, behavior and environmental factors become visible. With the help of knowledge, exercises, tips and tricks, the development of new, health-promoting routines is supported. Daily check-ins support the process.

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What our users say

The Fimo Health App has accompanied me through very difficult days. I discovered yoga and breathing exercises through the app. I became more aware of what was really helping me and was now able to cancel my rehabilitation program, which I had waited four months for. I owe these positive developments in large part to the impulses from Fimo Health.

Maria L. (46)
Fimo Health App - Long Covid user

The app is really great. I use them every day and have learned a lot. In particular, the tracking function, the short information videos and the reminder function for taking medication helped me a lot. I can't imagine my everyday life without the app anymore. For those affected, the app is a huge relief.

Sandra D. (35)
Fimo Health App - Long Covid user

The diagnosis of MS hit me hard. However, the Fimo Health App has helped me to learn more about the disease and to continuously track symptoms and influencing factors. That way I was able to learn new routines that make me feel better.

Mira K. (27)
Fimo Health App - Multiple Sclerosis user

After my cancer diagnosis, I felt extremely helpless. The Fimo Health App not only gave me high-quality information, but also valuable advice on how to deal with my illness. I was able to actively contribute to my recovery, for which I am very grateful.

Jan S. (46)
Fimo Health App - Cancer user

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