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At Fimo Health, we develop digital medical products, that enable patients to proactively live with their chronic diseases. To also meet our partners needs, our solutions build on one core technological and regulatory foundation which empowers us to extend our disease coverage quickly while complying to medical and privacy regulations.
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Provide patient-centric solutions that are proven to improve quality of life.
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Complement your solutions with ours to maximize value added to patients.
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Contribute to a more efficient resource allocation in primary health care markets.
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Benefit from our modular infrastructure and close digital supply gaps with us.
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Our Approach

Making patient empowerment effective

In order to create sustainable added value, we rely on user-centered patient empowerment. To this end, we provide quality-assured knowledge, which is supplemented in the Fimo Health App with methods of cognitive behavioral therapy and elements of behavioral change.

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Medical scientific content

The content of the Fimo Health App is based on the respective medical guidelines and is supplemented by scientifically proven knowledge. Experts from science and practice review our app before launch to ensure quality and benefits for patients.
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Leverage to increase effectiveness

Effective behavioral changes are often necessary to sustainably improve patients' quality of life. To this end, in addition to psychoeducation, we rely on elements of cognitive behavioral therapy and the scientific branch of behavioral change.
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Data security to the highest standards

GDPR compliant

Patient data is highly sensitive. That is why we at Fimo Health work strictly in accordance with German data protection regulations. Data is stored on servers in the EU.

ISO27001 certification

Our information security management system is accredited according to global standards, which externally confirms compliance with our data protection regulations.

Made in Germany

Our solutions are developed and certified exclusively in Germany. Our research is carried out domestically and all data is brought together in Germany.

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