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A diagnosis of cancer often significantly changes lives. Questions arise about diagnosis, symptoms and side effects, and emotions are also on a rollercoaster. This is exactly where Fimo Health comes in: The Fimo Health App supports you in your everyday life with cancer. It helps you to better understand and deal with the most common symptoms and side effects such as persistent tiredness, exhaustion, fatigue and pain.

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Build up knowledge about your illness and symptoms
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Document symptoms, side effects and influencing factors in a simple way
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Understand which behaviors can positively impact your quality of life
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Become your personal health manager

Your journey with the Fimo Health App for cancer


Gain scientifically based knowledge about cancer and common general symptoms and learn how to deal with them — physically and mentally. Learn how to proactively manage your life with your illness and improve your quality of life with helpful tips and tricks.


Track your symptoms, their onset, frequency, and changes with an easy-to-use journal. In combination with playful tests and surveys as well as data from your smartphone or wearable (optional), you get a comprehensive picture of the course of your illness and factors influencing your well-being.


Learn which behaviors have a positive effect on your symptoms and quality of life. Daily check-ins help you.

  • plan your daily routine, including health-related and private activities, setting reminders for medications, and more
  • to record your symptoms regularly and systematically and to understand which factors influence your quality of life
Create the basis
Expert knowledge presented in an easy-to-understand way

Every day, discover interesting facts about your illness, its accompanying symptoms and how to deal with them. The Fimo Health App - Cancer provides you with easy-to-understand, prepared information that enables you to deal proactively with the disease. With valuable tips and training, doctors and psychologists contribute to mindfulness, exercises and the development of new routines.

Observe symptoms and side effects
Your contribution to personal progress

Define symptoms you want to keep an eye on and add new ones flexibly. Use tests and exercises to document changes and the severity of your symptoms. By recording your data regularly, you can keep track of your symptoms and identify correlations over time.

Perceive yourself consciously
Your daily check-ins

Build up knowledge step by step and understand your symptoms and disease progression better. Become your personal health manager with the Fimo Health App. Additional planning functions and daily check-ins help you build new routines and regain and maintain control.

Our health partners

For those insured with these health insurance companies, the costs of using the Fimo Health App - Cancer are covered.

How do I get access to the Fimo Health app?

  • Check reimbursement eligibility
    Currently, you can only use the Fimo Health App if your health insurance company works with us. Is your health insurance here listed? If yes, then your health insurance company will reimburse the costs of this illness.
  • Download the Fimo Health app
    Visit the app store on your smartphone and download the Fimo Health App. Follow the app store installation instructions.
  • Create an account
    Open the Fimo Health App on your device and create a user account. This includes providing personal and social data that Fimo Health requires for billing with your health insurance company. Read the participation and privacy information carefully and accept it to start your journey with Fimo Health.

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