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Long Covid

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Chronic illnesses often pose major challenges for those affected. Symptoms and side effects such as cognitive or physical exhaustion (so-called fatigue), pain and others can lead to significant reductions in the quality of life. Learning how to deal with the disease consciously and developing new, appropriate behaviours can help regain controll and improve quality of life - and that is exactly where Fimo Health comes in:

18% Verbesserung der Lebensqualität nach 90 tagen
The ability to move improves from “severe problems” to “moderate problems” without causing difficulties.
The ability to take care of the body independently and meet daily needs is improving from “moderate problems” to “minor problems.”
From “Moderate Problems” to “Mild Problems” indicates improved abilities to perform typical everyday activities unhindered.
From “moderate problems” to “mild problems” indicates a reduction in pain or discomfort.
Going from “mild problems” to “no problems” suggests a reduction in anxiety or depression.

*Based on real user data, EQ-5D queries

How it works

Learning how to deal with the chronic illness consciously and proactively requires a solid foundation. Knowledge as well as a toolbox of measures and coping strategies help dealing with the disease and its symptoms.

The Fimo Health App is based on medical guidelines and scientific findings. In order to sustainably increase effectiveness, methods from cognitive behavioral therapy and the field of behavioral change are incorporated in particular. This foundation translates into three fundamental pillars of the Fimo Health pp:


Build up knowledge about your illness with various theme trips. Understand influencing factors and interactions between symptoms and behaviors and learn what you can do yourself to stay in control.


Use a symptom diary, playful tests and questionnaires to document your course of illness in a structured way:

  • Symptoms (occurrence, severity, frequency)
  • Behavioral data (e.g. activities, social contacts, stress, sleep)
  • Vital and environmental factors (e.g. temperature, steps, pulse, heart rate, oxygen saturation)


Understand interactions between your lifestyle and symptoms. Build new routines using knowledge, exercises, tips, and tricks. Daily check-ins help you do just that.


What our users are saying:

The Fimo Health App has accompanied me through very difficult days. I discovered yoga and breathing exercises through the app. I became more aware of what was really helping me and was now able to cancel my rehabilitation program, which I had waited four months for. I owe these positive developments in large part to the impulses from Fimo Health.

Maria L. (46)
Fimo Health App - Long Covid user

The app is really great. I use them every day and have learned a lot. In particular, the tracking function, the short information videos and the medication reminders helped me. I can't imagine my everyday life without the app anymore. For those affected, the app is a huge relief.

Sandra D. (35)
Fimo Health App - Long Covid user

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